Glen Heath


Fine Artist

Clown Art Series.

Clowns and Masks.

The cornerstone of my Art is influenced by the French political artist Honore Daumier, whose prolific daily drawings of 19th Century life in France led to the first Proletariat. His feelings for the poor and working class people were revealed as metaphors in many of his drawings, including the inherited clown culture. In my art clowns often make an appearance and subconsciously dominate my hidden emotions.

1. War & Peace - Carnival of Death

In response to a project 'War and Peace' I used the poppy as an instrument of war instead of peace - we follow its trail:-
There are many connotations of the word 'war', followed by its close relative 'battle' which in its liberal form is often preceded by the word 'euphoria'. My paintings follow this trail, incorporating the metaphorical use of masks, costumes and surrogate figures of clowns, in the ongoing battle against drug addiction.

All paintings have an outer casing which encloses a larger inner display of activity, thus retaining the viewer's attention within the painting.

3 paintings progress through the euphoric stage amidst a carnival setting, followed by a stagestruck frenzy encircled by my family fear and the sad disintegration of an inherited clown culture.

A lonely figure bangs the drum of doom until eventually, haunted by the demons of hell, a grateful death brings peace.

Clowns Meeting
Carnival Begins
Last Rites

The paintings are started with monoprints on black paper and developed with coloured oil printing ink.

2. Miscellaneous

Legal Clowns
Road to Retribution

3. My Family

Series of pencil drawings.