Glen Heath


Fine Artist

Fine Art by Glen Heath

I studied Fine Art painting at Loughborough College of Art and Design as a mature student achieving a Bachelor of Arts First Class Honours degree and then a Master of Arts in Fine Art at the University of Central England, Birmingham. I am a Member of the Leicester Society of Artists, the Contemporary Society of Leicester Artists, the Leicestershire Pastel Society and the Association of Leicester Artists.

As a fine art painter I work in a variety of media including watercolour, pastels, oils and mixed media. My work is established in series and focuses on localised areas of Leicester such as the Market Place, Flower Shop, Theatres, Festivals and Bradgate Park. My paintings connect with this familiarity as a recorded experience exposing anthropomorphic imagery or through the realms of fantasy, often using clown images as surrogate figures of depiction. It may be a tree, a flower, a place, a person or even a poem – each has a story to tell.

Guernsey, which I visit most years is another place with deep meaning to me. Replenishing and restoring a mental and physical energy. The landscape paintings and small clay reliefs that I create are a direct response to my experience on this island.

My current series reflect the interest that I have always had in markets and rummage sales. In response to a title 'Rags to Riches', charity shops play a major part in these still-life paintings retaining narrative and figurative roles. Squidgy toys, figurines, brazen flowers and the odd nude painting come alive amidst lolling bedspreads and peacock shutters to reveal 'The Real Charity Shop'.

The viewer is invited to enter.